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At Elite Innovations, we provide a comprehensive suite of services designed to ensure optimal indoor air quality and cleanliness. From advanced duct cleaning to meticulous mold remediation, each service is executed with precision and eco-friendly practices. Our experienced team is equipped to handle the specific needs of residential, commercial, and healthcare facilities, ensuring a clean and safe environment for all our clients.


Elite Innovations’ duct cleaning service is the cornerstone of a healthy indoor environment. Our highly skilled technicians use advanced methodologies to remove dust, allergens, and other pollutants, ensuring that air flows cleanly and efficiently through your living space. We provide specialized solutions for healthcare facilities, commercial buildings, and residential homes, enhancing air quality for everyone.


    Even in the cleanest homes, mattresses often harbor unseen allergens and contaminants. With 2 million dust mites lurking and the natural shedding of sweat and skin during our nightly eight hours of rest, our mattress cleaning and sanitization services are essential for maintaining a truly clean sleeping environment and improving overall indoor air quality.

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    Mold is ubiquitous and can become a problem with the right conditions—primarily moisture and warmth. We specialize in identifying and remediating mold, which can vary by species but typically thrives in damp areas. Our services extend beyond treating visible growth; we also eliminate the musty odors indicative of volatile organic compounds, ensuring complete mold resolution for your environment.

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    We specialize in decontamination services for environments requiring the highest and strictest of sanitization levels, such as hospitals, schools, and nurseries. Leveraging advanced and revolutionary cleaning technologies, we are committed to eco-friendly, non-toxic, and cruelty-free cleaning methods that safeguard the health and safety of our clients and their spaces.

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    Elite Innovations is Dubai Municipality-approved for water tank cleaning. We excel in sanitizing and disinfecting water tanks, adhering to the most stringent standards, and employing sustainable, eco-friendly products to ensure clean and safe water storage solutions for our customers.

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    Elite Innovations offers specialized technical services for unique situations and environments. Each service is performed with precision, employing eco-conscious products that align with our commitment to environmental responsibility and exceptional quality. For further information about our specialized services, please contact our team.

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